Tanning & Waxing

Spray Tanning Coventry

Tanning & Waxing

At The Glamour Room we offer a selection of spray tan and waxing services, all from our salon in Coventry.

We offer an abundance of waxing solutions, such as bikini, full leg, eyebrow and full face, as well as spray tanning for half body or full body to kiss your skin with a fabulous bronze brilliance.

To book an appointment feel free to call us or use the contact page should you prefer to get in touch via email.


Spray Tanning

Our spray tanning service in Coventry is designed to give you a naturally looking, beautiful, bronze glow.  We only use professional products, coming from a host of top name spray tan brands.

Half Body

£10 15 Mins

Full Body

£18 20 Mins


Our team of professional waxing specialists offer a range of waxing options ranging from bikini line to full leg and full facial waxing. Always remember that your hair must be at least 1/4″ of an inch long for it to be removed completely by waxing.

Bikini (20 Mins)£12.00
Half Leg (20 Mins)£14.00
Full Leg (30 Mins)£18.00
Full Leg & Bikini (40 Mins)£25.00
Under Arm (20 Mins)£9.00
Forearm (20 Mins)£8.00
Full Arm (30 Mins)£12.00
Eyebrow (10 Mins)£5.00
Top Lip or Chin (10 Mins)£5.00
Top Lip & Chin (15 Mins)£7.00
Full Face (25 Mins)18.00
Coventry Waxing Legs, Body & Arms

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